Landscape Lighting

Discover the wondors of outdoor lighting

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The landscaping around your home does more than just make it pretty. With the right choices it can make it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Here in Arizona our landscape choices can be limited by our hot desert weather. But no matter what plants you decide to use, even in phoenix landscape lighting is an important safety feature of any garden. Here are three tips to help when planning your landscape lighting features.

be consistant

When planning that lighting design, keep the whole garden in mind. Think beyond the area you are adding the lighting to in the plan. You’ll want an overall look that is consistent across the garden, that uses the light to harmonize the garden's look and feel.

create depth

One example of this is a lighted pathway through your garden. It adds an interesting feature and also makes the eye travel along the path to the deeper parts of your garden. Don't just add lights to one section, include near and far areas.

set moods

You can choose certain focal points in your garden to decide on the mood your garden creates. When you light these up, you then further define that emotional context for the garden. Choose wisely but remember you can move them if you need to change the focus

Plan carefully to reflect your image

When planning, always keep in mind what the garden will look like with the lighting and without it. Some gardens look spectacular in day but a bit scary at night. What do you want your garden lighting to reflect about you and your garden?